Taking a break..

..and thats exactly what I am doing, taking a break.

You may not know, but I’m currently doing my postgraduate degree in mental health nursing and right now, right this minute, right this VERY second I’m studying heavily for an exam I have next week.An exam in anatomy and physiology…imagine and feel the despair I currently experiencing please.

Luckily I have a keen interest in science and took biology A-level in my younger days. However looking at and labelling diagrams of lady parts is not something I particularly want to be doing on this Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately I have no choice.

I do however have the choice to take as many breaks as I feel necessary :D
Sooo, I thought I go through my catalogue of images, do a bit of editing and post a few for you guys.


Eighty Three Floors UP

I know I know I haven’t posted in a while.. gimme a break ok! :)

BUT I am back, briefly, with a few snaps I took yesterday. I had an amazing day with my best friend at the tallest building in London (and possibly in the UK!).

Up on the 83rd floor of The Shard, we spent almost 2 hours being blown away not only by the view, but by the wind also- yes The Shard has an open air viewing platform!

More photo’s soon come!


How often do you tell your best friends how much you appreciate them? Maybe not enough? So each month I’ll be making a post on each one of them to show my appreciation, starting with Miss Penny.

Whenever I lose faith in humanity I think of Penny, why? because she genuinely has a heart of gold. The many times she has come to my place of work to bring me food (her mummys cooking really is the bestest!), or offered to bring me soup when I’m unwell or the hours she spent with me last year helping me prepare for my postgraduate interview at uni (and yes thanks to her I made it!). Sometimes I get the feeling that this girl doesn’t realise how exceptional she is and I know for sure anyone would be truly blessed to have her as a friend. I consider myself to be blessed by her.

Just a little about this shot of Penny.. this picture was taken on our recent trip to Paris this year, at one end of Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Our trip was intense, only 3 days in Paris, but each day really was packed with lots of walking, lots of sight seeing and lots of pastry eating!

(More pictures from our trip to come soon)

I came back from our trip really feeling like I have found my travel companion and we plan to take a trip to New York and I simply can not wait for my next adventure with her.


New thing


[some place in East London]

As of late, I’ve discovered how much I actually enjoy going to art exhibitions- particularly photography ones. Art galleries are just the perfect place to have some time alone, be at peace and enjoy the work around you. You may have noticed from my previous posts that one of my new favourite places is the Photographers Gallery in London!

The above shots were taken at what I would call an underground-hipster type exhibition, if you get what I mean! Some interesting work accompanied with a buzzing atmosphere. Plus the owner of the joint had the cutest Pug running around- who seemed to have taken a fancy for me (not complaining though!).