New thing


[some place in East London]

As of late, I’ve discovered how much I actually enjoy going to art exhibitions- particularly photography ones. Art galleries are just the perfect place to have some time alone, be at peace and enjoy the work around you. You may have noticed from my previous posts that one of my new favourite places is the Photographers Gallery in London!

The above shots were taken at what I would call an underground-hipster type exhibition, if you get what I mean! Some interesting work accompanied with a buzzing atmosphere. Plus the owner of the joint had the cutest Pug running around- who seemed to have taken a fancy for me (not complaining though!).


Just. Look. Up.


“When I look down I miss all the good stuff, when I look up, I just trip over things”-

To be honest, I was originally looking for an inspirational quote about life and “looking up” to match the meaning behind this picture however I found this quote by Ani Difranco quite amusing and reminded me of me.

But please, don’t look down all the time, there’s so many great things in life to look up to.
Take courage.

Like riding a bike


I know, I’ve been away for a while, but boy have I been busy.
Thankfully I have still found time to take a few photo’s and along with my fondness for photographing market stalls, I now have a thing for photographing bikes too! London has some very cool looking bikes absolutely everywhere and I’m convinced people chain them to lamp posts just to show off the bikes’ coolness cause I rarely see people in London actually riding these pretty little things!

Anyways, more photo’s to come soon.


IMG_5616 Walking along Oxford street, London, when in the distance I saw this young man and thought WOW he looks interesting I’d love a photo of him. I said this to my friend, and knowing I didn’t have the confidence to stop this guy and ask for a photo, he did it for me. Although in a rush my friend grabbed him, explained that we’re street photographers and he allowed me to take the shot. A very friendly young man. Not much conversation was exchanged but he shook our hands and made way. I learnt something that day- if you don’t ask you don’t get.